We are nourishing our East Bay community by feeding our local hospital workers, sustaining our local restaurants, and giving our whole community a way to contribute.


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Every day, we purchase meals (at full price plus tip!) from local, independently-owned restaurants, all of which are struggling because of the coronavirus social distancing rules. We deliver those meals to East Bay hospitals and care sites. 


Eating food prepared with love and care lifts morale. Cooking delicious food and selling it makes it possible for restaurants to survive this crisis. Donating makes us as a community feel united as we care for each other.


This is an all-volunteer effort with no overhead, and we have partnered with World Central Kitchens to make all donations tax-deductible.  100% of the money received will go to the restaurants, and 100% of the food will nourish our courageous front-line heroes. 

Our goal is to feed the emergency department workers in East Bay hospitals and care sites two to three meals a day. Help us meet that goal


We are East Bay neighbors who care about the people who are caring for us. We came up with this plan to express our daily gratitude to the people on the medical frontlines of the fight against Covid-19, and to support the many independently-owned restaurants that are the heart and soul of what makes the East Bay so special.


This project began with 25 meals ordered by Ayelet Waldman from Brown Sugar Kitchen and chef Tanya Holland, and delivered to the Highland Hospital Emergency Department. It grew quickly, with Jenny Schwarz of Hopscotch restaurant in Oakland coming on board to organize the many restaurants who immediately expressed interest in participating. Like many small businesses, restaurants operate on a razor-thin margin even when times are good. Now, with social distancing, they face the very real possibility of closing forever.
When Ayelet and her husband Michael Chabon announced their plan, other people were eager to participate. Donations poured in, and dozens of volunteers stepped forward. East Bay FeedER grew from that one impromptu delivery into a project that delivers 2-3 meals every day to three different local hospitals, and we are scaling up every single hour. Every donation brings us closer to our goal of serving two meals a day, to every one of our seven local hospitals, from Richmond to Hayward, from the hills to the Bay.



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