East Bay FeedER is 100% volunteer run. Here are some of the people making it happen.

Jeremy Crandell

Jeremy manages our Ops team, which executes ER deliveries. He serves on the board of The Crucible, helped manage Burning Man’s Art Department, and is the owner of St Louise Studios.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Brown Sugar Kitchen

Meg Elison

Meg is a science fiction author and essayist, winner of the Philip K. Dick Award, and her YA novel, "Find Layla" will be published by Skyscape in 2020. megelison.com


Favorite East Bay Eats

Hopscotch, Best Coast Burritos, Hawking Bird

Vince Ferrinho

Vince is an independent marketing professional & collaborative mapping enthusiast, founder of The Unofficial Map of Black Rock City, and explorer of the outdoors by boot and 4x4.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Chashu Miso Ramen from Iyasare!

Lori Bonn Gallagher

Lori oversees fundraising and finance for us. She founded Lori Bonn Jewelry and now coaches and advises other business owners. She’s thrilled to be a part of this team.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Meatballs at Southie , Tacos at Nido, pea shoots & coconut rice at Burma Superstar

Laurie Goldman

Public policy expert working with The ClimateMusic Project. I love my Oakland community where I have lived for 23 years.

Favorite East Bay Eats

The pappardelle at Belotti, cocktails at Nido, and handcut noodles at Shandong

Christine H. Lee

Christine is the author of TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU DON’T REMEMBER. Her mom was an ICU nurse for 30 years.

Favorite East Bay Eats

I have a list. And I’m glad that East Bay FeedER is delivering so many of them!

Ethan Lipman

Ethan is an engineer who works for EVgo deploying DC Fast Chargers. He's stoked to be able to help our East Bay community, because in difficult times it has become painfully obvious that "it takes a village"!

Favorite East Bay Eats

Thai, Indian, and Ethiopian!

Adam Mayer

Adam is a ten-year veteran of kitchens in NYC and New Orleans. When this is all over you'll find him slinging Pintxos at bars around NOLA. Come visit!

Favorite East Bay Eats

Tortas at La Estrella de Sinaloa. Onion rings at Barney's.

Beth Morgan

Beth helped create this website. She works in marketing and operations for startups and serves on the board of Kepler's Literary Foundation.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Brown Sugar Kitchen

Melissa Nelken

Melissa is a retired UC Hastings faculty member and psychoanalyst. She has two family members in health care and is glad to be able to support them in this way.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Donato’s cacio e pepe and Iyasare’s sake-marinated salmon

Colleen Paz

When not driving her truck to ERs, Colleen works as an architect in Marin. She lives in West Oakland.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Sister, Grand Lake Kitchen, Binh Minh Quan

Phil Polishuk

Phil is a digital product manager and resident of Berkeley. His wife Mindy and he have two boys (14 and 11) and enjoy hiking the East Bay trails.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Anything at Chop Bar, Pizzaiolo and Creekside

Jenny Schwarz

Jenny coordinates with our restaurant partners. She is co-owner and GM of Hopscotch in Oakland.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Tacos & Thai!

Rebecca von Loewenfeldt

Rebecca is our Volunteer Coordinator. She is Associate Director of H-CAP, which promotes innovation and quality in healthcare education. She lives in Rockridge with her husband and 3 daughters.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Wood Tavern, Southie, Cactus

Ayelet Waldman

Ayelet is a novelist, essayist and television writer. Her books include A Really Good Day and Love & Treasure. She is the Executive Producer of Netflix's Unbelievable. She lives in Berkeley with her family.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Dahi batata puri from Vik Chaat House!

Kelsey Freeman

Kelsey lived in Oakland for 6 years before she crossed over to SF. Now she's putting her event production and ops skills to use to support the Ops/Delivery team at East Bay FeedER.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Belotti Ristorante e Bottega & Tacos Oscar

Jiarui Xu

Jiarui (Jerry) is a Data Scientist at Affirm. 

Favorite East Bay Eats

Asha Tea House

Hanna Buechi

Hanna grew up in Berkeley and returned after studying food systems & environmental transformation at UC Santa Barbara. She is so excited to connect with the people providing food and healthcare on her delivery routes.

Favorite East Bay Eats

The farmers' markets, Man Puku, Cheeseboard, Zachary's, Cole Coffee, Vik's Chaat, and more!

Rupal Cutting

Rupal is a transplant from Atlanta with her husband, Benn, in the Bay Area for 7 years. She is a professional in the drug development space, loves her dogs and her husband, and loves living, breathing, hiking, biking in the Oakland Hills and the Bay Area.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Wood Tavern, Viks

Paul Belger

Event, Art and Video Producer. Production Director of the Flux Foundation.

Favorite East Bay Eats

Aburaya, Rare Barrel

Susan Svensson

Susan is a Senior Instructional Designer at Genentech...working remotely until who knows when! She loves delivering delicious meals from her favorite restaurants to local doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff."

Favorite East Bay Eats

Mediterranean, Thai, Italian, French - all my favorite restaurants are on the EastBayFeedER list of participating restaurants! woot, woot!

Kimberly Chan

I live in Oakland; am a Warriors fan; And I'm a proud New Yorker (Queens, born & raised!)

Favorite East Bay Eats

Cafe Gran Milan, Hang Ten Boiler, Burma Superstar

Gail Dorney

I'm a native East Bay'er, working in technology sales. Love local food, so thrilled to help.

Favorite East Bay Eats

FOB Kitchen, Almond & Oak, Cosecha