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Look for the Helpers and Be a Helper

Dear FeedER Donors and Volunteers:

Thank you so much for your support, which continues to make a positive difference for both our local restaurants and frontline hospital workers.

In a recent Los Angeles Times Op-Ed, our founder, Ayelet Waldman, writes:

“We have to find ways — however circumscribed by quarantine or ability — to be helpers ourselves, not just out of a sense of duty to our neighbors and our communities, but because there’s comfort to be found in helping, in feeling that you can also be of some use.”

Through your support of East Bay FeedER, you have all become the kind of helpers we need to make a difference in these challenging times.

At East Bay FeedER this week (April 4, 2020 - April 10, 2020) we’ve made 33 deliveries to 5 different hospitals, with a total of 1,440 meals served. This is an increase of 30% from last week. We have delivered a total of 2,810 meals over the course of the 3 weeks we’ve been in operation. You did this! You helped feed over 2,800 ED and ICU workers in the last 3 weeks--when they needed nourishment and support. Your support has allowed struggling East Bay restaurants to stay open, and to continue to pay their staff. As Jenny Schwarz has said, a single order of 40 meals can pay to keep two employees on for an entire week.

We continue to expand our service both to these restaurants and to our local hospitals. Our goal is to feed 5 hospitals a day, twice a day.

The Bay Area shelter-in-place order is in place until at least May 3, 2020--and the battle against COVID-19 isn’t likely to end soon. We need your continued support to ensure that we can continue this service to May 3 and beyond. Please spread the word so that you can enable #EastBayFeedER to feed more ED and ICU staff.

To repeat our message last week: we all know many people are sending thoughts and prayers out to the front lines--but let them know that we can also send hot meals to our heroes.

We want to thank the following restaurants for their participation this week:

The following ED and ICU locations benefited from your support this week:

  • Highland Hospital

  • Summit Hospital, Oakland

  • Summit / Alta Bates, Berkeley

  • Kaiser, Richmond

  • Kaiser, Oakland

More hospitals will be joining our rotation soon.

Finally, a word from the hospital frontlines. Dr. Tanny Karunakar, a Kaiser ED Staff Physician, received one of our meals and sent the following words to all of you:

“I am a physician in the Emergency Department at Kaiser Oakland and Richmond. My colleagues and I have been so grateful for the food donations. It’s been so amazing to feel the love from our community. Thanks to everyone who has donated to the cause. I’m glad that this is helping feed the hardworking hospital staff, while also keeping our local businesses alive in these hard times.”

Thank you for your donations.

Stay safe and stay healthy,




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