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This is What Your Donations Have Helped FeedER Accomplish

Dear Supporters,

At FeedER, we’ve been busy buying delicious meals from restaurants struggling under social distancing rules with frontline emergency rooms and ICU staff in our local hospitals.  '

We are keeping close and detailed records of both donations and expenses, and in the spirit of full transparency and gratitude, want to give you an update on how your support--in the form of encouragement and donations--has translated into a positive difference in these challenging and evolving, pandemic circumstances. 

Our first delivery from Brown Sugar Kitchen on March 19 (by our founder, Ayelet Waldman herself!) was received by Highland Hospital’s ER staff with gratitude. Four days later, EastBayFeedER was born. As of March 28, we’ve made 13 deliveries to 3 different hospitals over the course of 6 days. We’ve delivered a total of 270 meals. 270 ER staff have been nourished at a time when they are putting their lives on the line to fight our world’s battle against COVID-19.

We are increasing exponentially. Tomorrow we will serve 80 meals to two hospitals. By Monday we will be distributing 120 meals to 3 hospitals. By the following Friday we will be distributing 160 meals to 4 hospitals.  Our goal is to serve five hospitals every day, for at least two of their shifts. Your ongoing donations have made this possible--and can continue to make this happen. 

Please do spread the word so that you can enable #EastBayFeedER to feed more ED and ICU staff. 

We want to thank the following restaurants for their participation:

The following ER locations, to date, benefited from your support:

  • Highland Hospital

  • Summit Hospital

  • Children’s Hospital of Oakland

Alta Bates, Kaiser Oakland and Kaiser Richmond have now joined our rotation. 

One emergency room doctor, when presented with hot food, said that he had eaten his last three meals out of a vending machine. We are unable to make physical contact in these times, but we can send our gratitude in the form of hot meals to those putting their lives on the line for all of us. 

Stay safe and stay healthy,


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